Colored Paper Crane Earrings


  • Hypoallergenic Hooks
  • Hand Folded Japanese Origami Paper
  • Light Weight
  • Multiple Colors
  • Silver or Gold hooks/chains

The crane is the symbol of long-life as Japanese folklore believes the crane to live for 1,000 years. The crane is also a symbol of happiness, good luck, and peace.

I have a vast amount of colors that I offer, from Glow in the Dark Green and Pink (solid or stars not pictured),  From Metallic colors to  solid and other Colors as well.

If you are looking for a particular color and its not shown, Please feel free to contact me and ask before placing your order.

With all orders please email me the order number, the color you want them to be, and the color of the hooks/chains.

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These hand folded origami earrings have been being made since 2004 and are a great gift idea for anyone looking for something fun and unusual to wear that is eye catching and unique. Made upon order for most,and offered in a huge selection of colors, each crane is extremely light weight, and hand folded out of true Japanese origami paper.

Coming in a variety of colors with stainless steel hypoallergenic “gold” or “silver” hooks and chains makes them 2 ½ inches in overall length (from hook to bottom of crane).
The size of the crane varies on paper used, but are on average is 40mm from wing tip to tip and stand about 20mm tall on average (some can be smaller some slightly larger).


Please in an email tell me the color that you want and the hook and chain color as well after the purchase.  Color chart in pictures above is only a small amount of the colors I have available. (not all of them picture well or scan well so please ask, I have about 25+ different colors, please feel free to email me and ask if your looking for something that you do not see, if I have it I will make them after purchase, please do not purchase before asking if it is not pictured) , I do have white, pinks, deep reds ,variegated colors (pictured in pink with yellow , and with Deep pink, but I have other colors), some foil colors (smooth metallic) , and I have GLOW IN THE DARK PINK AND GREEN (solid or with stars). I am willing to do combinations of colors and really have more than the 10 I have listed available. These are made to order, so please feel free to email me as ask for “special” orders.

If you want to see the color completed I will try to get a good picture that shows them off the best I can.