These are only examples of past knives and grips that have been made with .925 Silver

They are always in stock just takes you contacting me to see what I have to offer currently if your interested in a knife. I offer a vast amount of styles and lengths in knives.

Please Specify the following group info when contacting me


  • Fixed or Folding
  • Damascus Steel/ D2/ A2 steel
  • Length of Blade
  • Silver Backed or Copper Backed*

I do not offer silver on the following

  • Kitchen Knives/Kitchen Sets

Gun Grips

  • 1911
  • Derringer
  • Silver Backed or Copper Backed*


(*) I offer this option based on preference of look between the plate and the object it is attached to, the starting price for any of the knives.



Please contact me for prices if your interested to see what knives I have that can be made with Silver Scales (Handles or Grips)

All Grips and Knives can have a specific price range asked for that I can try to help accommodate as much as possible.