About Me

My name is Evan Millard, located in Colorado, I customize and fabricate knifes, gun grips, and jewelry.


My background as a Artist and Metalsmith:

I started my artistic path in Jewelry at Pomona High School under the watchful eye of Kim McGrath (Anderson). I started working for the world renowned Jeweler Ajit Roy, expanding my knowledge of precious/semi- precious stones, learning how the jewelry world operates outside the classroom. I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Metropolitan State University Denver (MSUD). This was the start of Night Diamond Jewelry.

In 2011 I became GIA certified in stone identification, but I felt there was still more to learn in metals. I set out to learn blacksmithing; reading books, talking to existing blacksmiths, getting my own forge to learn all that I could first hand. During this time I expanded my knowledge of chain mail weaving and stone cutting and polishing. I made my first knife blade and handle, opening another door of possibilities to use my jewelry skills.

On a whim, I felt there was more to do than fixed/folding knives, and decided to do a Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife set, which turned out to be a tremendous success. Having completed and sold over 200 knives; multiple customers requested that I also do gun grips. I made my first custom gun grips for a 9mm Derringer and then 1911’s. I plan to do other pistols types in the future.  I always see more opportunities to learn and grow as a metalsmith and jeweler.