Q: What are the knives handles made out of?

A: It depends on the knife that your looking at. If it says Copper, its made out of solid copper. Same with the brass and silver as well.

Q: Are the Damascus steel knives fake, laser, or folded steel?

A: All the Damascus Steel is folded 1095-15N20 Steels, meaning that they are as close to real Damascus Steel as can be done in today’s age. Average knife is between 400 – 1000 layers depending on the knifes size.

Q: What is D2/A2 Steel?

A: D2 tool steel is mostly used for oil rig drill bits and aircraft landing gear, Where A2 steel is mostly used for ball bearings.

Q: Do you make all the knives?

A: Yes from blade to handle.

Q: Do you make all the Jewelry?

A: All the silver and gold work that is on the site yes. Be it pendants, rings, or bracelets if its metal it’s made by me if it’s on this site. Any of the beaded necklaces are still made in Colorado but not by me.

Q: Who does the beading on the necklaces?

A: My only employee.

Q: Can you size the rings you sell?

A: Some can, but most Sadly can not. Most of the stones used are heat sensitive and/or the setting would not be able to handle the sizing. In some cases the ring itself is a fabricated ring (not cast) and if heat was added to the ring to size it, it would risk the whole ring falling apart in doing so. I will state what rings can be sized if at all, and how much if they are able.

Q: Do you have a shop or a store?

A: I do not have a shop or a store. Only a website and a Facebook.

BUT I do attend events around Colorado like the Denver International Gem & Jewelry show.

I post all events as I know about them and all information about them on the Facebook page.

Q: Do you ever do sales or discounts on your items?

A: I will in time online, but right now I only offer sales in person at the events I attend. And sales online will not be at the same time I am at an in person event.

Q: How do you ship your items?


Q: How long does it take before items are shipped?

A: On average once payment is received via Paypal I ship the next day if it’s a weekday. If you order on a Sunday, It normally will be shipped if in stock, Monday afternoon. If a order is placed on Friday before 12:00 noon Mountain Standard time, it will be shipped Saturday. ALL orders placed after 12:00 Noon MST will be shipped Monday.

Q: How long before I receive my order once shipped?

A: Unless otherwise stated in an email to you or it is listed on the website as a back-order item before your purchase or otherwise posted on the Facebook page. One week max.

Q: Do you give tracking numbers on what’s shipped?

A: Yes! YES! YES!! I want to make sure your purchase gets to you as much as you want your item(s) to get to you. I track all packages myself as well as give you the tracking number to track it on your end. And try to email you when I see the order has reached its destination just in case.

Q: Where is everything made?

A: Colorado USA

Q: Do you do custom work?

A: It all depends on the work being asked.


  1. I will not take on a project involving a custom blade shape of any kind or lengths longer than 14 inches. (my forge has limitations.)
  2. I will not work in materials that I do not sell on the site or already offer. ( e.g. 440 steel blades, Bone,Plastic, or Antler handles, etc.)
  3. I will not change the preexisting handles to another materiel types on the knives already listed.(e.g. Copper to Brass, Silver to Copper. etc.)
  4. I do offer doing my handle styles on your blade for a fee. (depending the knife)


  1. I am up for most anything but reserve the right to pass on work depending on what is, and whats involved.
  2. I do not work in platinum, palladium, titanium, or tungsten.
  3.  All work the I take on I will do as the customer wants it done, But I will offer changes to what ever the project is that I see as needed to make the project last for many generations.

Q: Will you be willing to use my stones in jewelry you make?

A: Depending on the stone, yes. In most cases I am willing to use your stones but I need to see them first before saying yes or no. (yes pictures will work)

Q: What is the best way to reach you?

A: If all is working on this site properly then here on the site at the bottom of the home page, otherwise –

Email me @


Or message me on Facebook @


Saturday & Sunday All emails Will be answerd Monday in the order they where revived in.

Please include subject as to what you are asking about if it is not already been addressed here in this F.A.Q

Q: When do you normally respond?

A: All depends really, it can be within 5 mins to 8 hours later depending on time of day and day of week. Monday – Friday I try to get back to you same day. Satuday & Sunday all email and messages will be addressed Monday.